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For 40 years he was an alcoholic and a heroin addict before he decided to turn his life around

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Ronnie Palmer


About the Author 

It has now been sixteen years since I was told, "If you don't get some help soon, you are going to die." Then he untied me and let me go. Since then, I have gone to college and been certified as a drug and alcohol counselor. I have been a counselor for the last thirteen years and got married in China ten years ago. I now have a twenty-eight-year-old daughter who wants to know the full story of how I got here and how fate has brought us together.

This is not an easy story to tell because it has not been an easy life for me although many parts of it have been very cool but then many other parts of it have been equally cruel.

"Dad, will you tell me about your life? I think I am ready." My daughter, Layla, is from China and knows a lot about me, but she has never heard the whole story. A bit of background first: I went to China in April of 2012 and married Lan Ying Jiang, who has a daughter named Le Jiang. She now calls herself Layla because I played the Layla song by Eric Clapton every morning and she liked it enough to change her name. The three of us are now known as the P-family and living in Pittsburg, California. I will get to this part of my life later, but first I must tell Layla my story because she is now ready.

     "Our mission is to combine traditional Chinese Medicine with substance abuse and Addictions Counselors and therapists to address people with addiction problems and give them hope to turn their lives around and return to their families and become productive members of society. All proceeds from the sale of the book go to funding the clinic." 


Alcohol and drug addiction are a major problem among people in the United States. Let's all do our part.

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